For all who want future.

We don't know what the future will be like. While for some it is a "business as usual" of the present, it appears repeatedly: The future will be completely different. There will be discontinuity and disruptions. In a short period of time, things will develop differently, other than expected. New opportunities will show up. Your own business model may change. Daily habits. Our lives.

The motto now is: Use the opportunities to shape the future!

How do we shape the future?

We shape the future. And not the way around. Active, entrepreneurial thinking and hands-on mentality make the difference. Therefore, the question is not what the future will do to us. But rather: What can we make of our future? Active and entrepreneurial personalities are not passengers, they take control themselves. The future does not evolve from standing back and watching. It is created by thinking ahead, tackling challenges and putting thoughts into action. There are powerful tools which can help us to steer better towards the future: technologies and innovations.

Which technologies & innovations shape the future?

Technologies and innovations are the drivers of progress. A glimpse into the past and the present (e.g. printing press and digital transformation) underlines this. New technologies have always significantly changed our future options for taking action. They provide new answers to economic, social and ecological challenges. It is important that we correctly identify important future technologies. Consequently, ideas can become tools for positive change.