105 Windows to Tomorrow

About the Innovation Map

The following interactive visualization tool displays 105 emerging technologies expected to impact major industries by 2035. These technologies were clustered into five trends, disclosing the main interactions between society, companies, and these technological tools.  We invite you to navigate our interactive visualization tool and discover the world of tomorrow and its business possibilites.

Drive through Change

In previous decades, we could see that the introduction of technologie has accelerated paradigm, that were expected to happen later on. Technologies such as the steam engine or the printing press - recognized in economic terms as general purpose technologies (GPTs) -, brought about progressive changes that boosted productivity and transformed the relationship society has with distances and time, knowledge and trade. Currently, with digital tools igniting economic, political, social and environmental developments, an essential part of the equation is to make sure that newly introduced technologies are widely adopted.

Developing the Mindset

To drive adoption, investments are required to make emerging technologies part of our daily lives. Let's take Gutenberg's printing press as an example. It took a while before it was adopted by the publishing industry. Some refurbishing measures and changes were required before its distribution. For example, a unique ink recipe had to be formulated, which made it possible to affix metal instead of wood. This was only possible because Johanne Fust decided to fund Gutenberg's project in 1450, partnering to produce books, pamphlets, and calendars. The outcomes of the investment are still witnessed more than 500 years after its invention.

Investment into the Future

Similarly, investing in emerging technologies in the 21st-century moves in the same direction as Fust's visionary enterprise. Major technology developments involving Artificial Intelligence are driving revolutions in environmental fields, government, the health sector, and in multiple other industries.. In order to explore a complex and dynamic world, followed by the introduction and adoption of technologies, Envisioning developed an analytical tool that determines the impact emerging technologies may produce by the year 2035.

Innovation Map

We forecasted 105 underpinning technologies and assessed their maturity level according to NASA’s Technology Readiness Level (TRL) on a scale from 1 (basic principles being tested) to 9 (technology is already being incorporated into our lives). These technologies were categorized according to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as an effort to support the relationship between technological developments and sustainable practices. Envisioning's interactive visualization allows us to navigation between technologies, each with a summary and description of their current state of development.

All these technologies were clustered into five  trends: Data Era, Human Expansion, Generate & Drive, Agritech & Food, and Smart Living. This helps to understand connection, interaction an entrepreneurial potentials.